Importing from China? Here’s your quick guide why Afrimart is the right choice for you.

China is still the premiere manufacturing location for many importers

South Africans have been importing from China for years,
they still face many challenges with Chinese suppliers.
Many misconceptions persist about how to import from China and effectively manage product quality there

1. Sourcing the wrong products

China has long been known as the “factory of the world”, where you can easily find many suppliers for a wide variety of products. 

But just because you can import a product from China doesn’t always mean you will easily find a trusted supplier with all relevant requirements. 

2. Placing a large order without vetting the supplier first

Once you decide what to import from China, it’s time to find a supplier to manufacture your goods. But don’t get too excited and rush ahead to place a huge order with the first supplier you find.

Paying for an order upfront without first evaluating your supplier exposes your business to potential risks like fraud, receiving unsellable goods

3 Assuming the supplier is familiar with legal requirements

Many buyers make the mistake of assuming their Chinese supplier is familiar with the Sars and Co process they are selling on.
Even suppliers who regularly export to Western markets often don’t understand the legal requirements for those markets or customs and clearance duties.

We make it convenient with our ‘ one price for all’ from the supplier to our local warehouse at no extra cost

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